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When is the Opening Ceremony?2022-05-31T14:37:14-07:00

Friday, June 10th 2022 – Gates open at 7:30pm with live entertainment and fireworks to follow. New information can now be found on this page:

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When is the Athlete Block Party?2022-05-31T14:38:50-07:00

Friday, June 10th 2022 3:30pm – 7:30pm

Join us on the west side of the Eccles Coliseum for activities, food trucks, sponsor booths, and more!

Where do athletes check-in for their swag bag and shirt?2022-01-06T16:44:03-07:00

Individual athletes can pick these up at the PE Building unless otherwise noted on their specific sports page. Check your specific sport page for detailed information.

Team Sport Athletes will typically receive their items from their coach upon turning in the signed waiver and roster forms for check-in. Check your specific sport page for details.

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When do schedules for my sport come out?2022-01-06T16:46:20-07:00

Typically schedules are only able to be put together once registration has closed. This may take a few days up to a week depending on the sport. Our goal of course is to run the best schedule we can for the event as a whole. Please be patient 🙂 Contact your specific sport coordinator if you have questions.

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Who do I contact about specific sport-related questions?2022-01-06T16:47:14-07:00

Typically, the coordinator is the best person to direct questions too regarding your sport. Their information can be found on your sport page or here:

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Who do I contact about questions regarding registration?2022-01-06T16:48:05-07:00

Please first contact Stephanie Clarke by email [email protected] or (435)865-8421

Who do I contact regarding reimbursement or money transaction needs?2022-01-06T16:48:45-07:00

Please contact our Office Manager Jeannine Davis at [email protected] or (435)865-8421

Who do I contact to talk about donating, being a sponsor or vendor?2022-01-06T16:57:11-07:00

Follow this Link:

Sponsor – Donate – Vend
How do I sign up to volunteer?2022-01-06T16:57:57-07:00

We would love to have you, Thank you! Please fill out this form:
Volunteers for Medical help please sign up here:

Where do I receive my medals?2022-01-06T16:58:14-07:00

Most sports you will receive your medal onsite of the event upon its completion. Unless otherwise noted on your specific sport.

Where are locational maps/routes available for my sport?2022-01-06T16:58:56-07:00

Detailed maps and google address is available on each sports page.

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What are the fees I am being charged?2022-01-06T16:59:38-07:00

Each athlete pays a USG registration fee of $30. Then a Sport Fee specific to that sport is applied. If playing on a team, your individual fee is typically absorbed into the team fee.

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When do I (Athlete) line up for the Athlete March?2022-05-31T14:41:27-07:00
Athletes and teams need to line up at the South East side of the Eccles Stadium with their respective sports AT 7:30pm. All athletes and coaches get in free while wearing their 2022 USG Athlete Shirt.
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